Complex iTunes Smart Playlists
03 Sep 2013

When editing smart playlists in iTunes hold the option key to change the New Rule button into a Nest button.

Bluetooth A2DP in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
05 Jan 2013

I love Jawbone’s Jambox. My wife and I own two jamboxes and a big jambox. However, they all sound like shit when paired with my MacBook Air.

Turns out, this is a known issue with OS X, and lots of people are unhappy with the default A2DP bandwidth settings.

Log rotation on OS X with newsyslog
08 Sep 2012

OS X ships with newsyslog, a logrotate alternative. By default, it is called every hour and rotates logs as specified by its configuration file(s).

Don't index your database
02 May 2012

Watching Activity Monitor while running tests, I noticed that the mds process was using up quite a bit of my CPU, while the tests were running.